Danby St, Bristol.

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Posted by Willy McTavish on 28 April 2013

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This private garden in Bristol was both started and completed this week. We were asked by our clients to extend the existing patio with an additional pathway laid to the left hand side. They also wanted us to lay a new lawn.

The lawn area was just bare earth, so needed to be rotovated, raked and levelled before the new turf could be laid. The garden had a gentle slope and the path, patio and turfs had to take this natural contour into account. They were sloped away from the property and the patio so any rain water will run-away from this area




As you can see from the pictures this slope was achieved by adjusting the depth of the mortar on which the slabs were bedded.

The last two pictures below show the completed garden, it took 2½ days to complete.                          




Another project finished both within the time scale and on budget.





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