Ottery Saint Mary Revisited

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Posted by Willy McTavish on 10 June 2014

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A Few months down the line so lets take a look at how this project turned out. After the dreadful weather at the start of this project, we were very pleased to complete both on time and in budget. This was not easy trying to fit all the work between (and sometimes) during the rain!


I think the best way to show case this project is to let the pictures do the talking. These first Images are the entrance to the site.

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These pictures  show some of the car park area.

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This is around the Marketing Suite area.

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This is the fire assembly point, the area was prepared and laid with good quality turf.

                    These next images are a selection of frontages and entrances to various areas.

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Below are some pictures of some of the open spaces on the site that we turfed and landscaped.

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