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Posted by Willy McTavish on 11 January 2013

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This was a project that we started mid September 2012.

It was a job that was to be done in separate phases. When we started in September, forming and installing the car park area, the weather was good in particular it was dry.  It took a team of four, four days to complete.

The next area for us to do was the front gardens of the show homes.

This phase was started mid October 2012, we had a team of five working on these gardens. The weather conditions had taken a definite turn for the worse and it took the guys a week to complete, working in what could only be described as monsoon conditions!

The third week of October saw us start on the rear gardens. We had one week to complete these. The weather was terrible with approximately 3 inches of water lying in the gardens. We needed a team of seven on this phase to be able to complete the three gardens on time in such dreadful conditions.







All areas were completed on time and within budget!

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