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Posted by Willy McTavish on 3 July 2013

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We were originally approached by Redrow, to construct a french drain in this garden to assist with the water logging problem that seems to be affecting a lot of the gardens on this site.

The First job to construct the french drain was to dig a trench about 500mm x 500mm. This trench was then lined with a fabric liner and covered with 100mm of clean stone.We then laid a 100mm diameter perforated pipe before back filling with stone. It took 3 people 2 days to install the french drain.

On completion of this part of the job the client invited us to quote them for a low maintenance garden with certain specifications. They had seen and been impressed with their neighbours garden which we had recently landscaped.They browsed our website and gave us any specific requirements. Our clients decided that they would like the castellated effect edging created using sleepers, they didn't want any grass and they would like what was previously the grassed area to be gravelled, but with a few stone circles set in to place pots on. They also required us to lift and reset the paving from their garage to back door.

We set about removing the old turf and then dug a trench in which we would set the sleepers, which had been cut to the pre-agreed heights, into a concrete mix. The excess soil was used behind the sleepers to fill the beds.

Where the old grass had been (and removed) we laid good quality weed suppressing fabric before laying and levelling with a good covering of 20mm flint stones. We also Laid a few circular areas for the pots. The weather conditions were causing us a great deal of problems and the rain at times was immense.

We then started the task of lifting, levelling and re-setting the slabs , which ran from the garage to the back door

 Your Link  At this stage I feel I should apologise for the poor quality of the photo's, but we shall blame this onto the equipment and also the  weather. Which had by now become extremely challenging!


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With our work complete, our clients were able to add their own finishing touches. They decided to paint the sleepers in a colour which complimented the flint stone beautifully, I think it has added a slightly nautical feel to the garden. They have placed their pots and planted their borders and the end result is stunning.

Your Link We received some lovely photo's  and a wonderful letter from our clients.    Your Link

We were really pleased to have been able to help them achieve their desired garden. It was one of those jobs that due to a delay on another project we were due to start, we were able to accommodate our clients wishes regarding the start date.

This 2nd phase (or Landscaping part of the project)  took 2 people 3 days to complete. And despite the weather this was another project we were able to bring in both on time and in budget. Big smiles all round. 

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